Special treatments offered:
  • One of the most intriguing question to today's ophthalmologist had seen the emergence of the sub-speciality of glaucoma- ‘A Silent blinder’. TESS boasts of one of the best departments of Glaucoma in the city headed by DR. SUNIL JAIN, an eminent Glaucomatologist.
  • Early Clinical detection of glaucoma merely on the basis of clinical skills has been the hallmark. In-spite of the advent of newer tools clinical skills and perimetry are still the gold standards.
  • Combined cataract and glaucoma surgery.
  • Repeat Trabeculectomies.
  • Bleb needling and revisions.
  • Management of leaking/ failed blebs.
  • Trabeculotomy in Paediatric age group.
  • Glaucoma implants in complicated cases.