Low Vision & Rehabilitation

  • A relatively new branch in ophthalmology deals with giving useful sight to legally blind patients with no other treatment options available.
  • There has been a wide acceptance of this sub-speciality. A strong support from the Asia’s best low vision care center at the LVPEI is the crowning glory of this department.
  • Contact lenses have always remained a viable option for correction of refractive errors, however adequate education has always been lacking. We at TESS stress more on this aspect of CL wear.
  • Amblyopia management becomes challenging in the Paediatric age and here we lay stress on participation of the patient and the parents as well through rigorous counseling aimed at overall well being and development of the child.
  • Besides this we have visiting consultants in Squint, Ophthalmic Plastics and orbital tumor and Ocular oncology.